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Live the True American Experience

Improve your English & have an unforgettable time in California with our all-inclusive educational programs and activities.

Our Services

We do it all - if we don‘t already have the right program for you, you can create your own here.



We arrange and register you in a language school, university or other educational institution of your choice.



Choose from our Student Residence, Hotel, Host Family or rent an apartment if you are coming for a longer time.



Visit, explore and learn about famous sights & cultural events that can all be adapted to your desires.



Transportation can be provided to any extent. Airport pick-up and drop-off are included.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Full-coverage Health Insurance is included in all programs and can be adapted to your individual needs.

Local Support

Local Support

We are local in the Bay Area, know the best destinations, help you with any matters & can even meet with you when necessary.



Booking your flight is something we love doing for you. You can also book your airfare yourself or through a travel agent.

Visa Assistance

Visa Assistance

We are happy to help you obtain your visa. You can also do this yourself or through a travel agent.

We believe that educational travel should be all-inclusive and worry-free in every way. This is why we take care of all services, planning and expenses for you from the moment you land until we personally drop you back off at the airport. With our personal support we ensure that you are always safe and in good hands and that you get exactly the study abroad experience you are envisioning. 


Whether you are a student, teacher or group leader, we vow to treat you like family and guarantee that your goals in coming to America will be achieved, no matter what it takes. 

How to Join

We‘re by your side from beginning to end.

As soon as you have made the decision to join one of our language courses, you are officially part of an ever-growing family of international explorers. As such, we are by your side throughout the entire sign-up process, during the program and beyond. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the family. 


Choose a Program

Choose one of our programs or let us create one for you based on your individual needs.


Apply & Pay

Fill out and sign our Application Form, then submit payment through your bank of trust.

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Get Ready

Obtain your ESTA or Visa and book your flight (all with our assistance).


Come to the USA

Fly to California, where we personally pick you up and help you get settled.


Enjoy the Program

We are by your side throughout your entire stay in California and make sure you’re happy & successful.



Our motto after dropping you back off at the airport: It’s not a “Goodbye”, it’s a “See You Later”.

Why Join?

There are a lot of good reasons for going abroad with us - here are 4 of them.

Just like our founders, we want you to truly grow in character, confidence, perspective and any other areas you want to improve in during your time in California. Studying abroad is by far the best way to do this, because it takes you out of your comfort-zone like no other experience, which is exactly where personal growth is pursued successfully. Simultaneously, it’s a great way to have a ton of fun & explore new regions and cultures. We’re right there to help you with all of it - whether that is planning trips, changing your ESL course, renting a car for a weekend getaway or anything else you may need. By arranging and paying for your entire program before you even arrive, you can focus on yourself and won’t need to worry about anything else. If something unexpected does pop up, we’re right there to assist you. 



You’ll know what expenses are coming your way & won’t be faced with any unexpected fees or booking options ever.



By joining, you become part of our family and are treated as such. We are there to help you with anything at any time.



We cater to your individual needs by creating programs for you or adapting our base programs to fit your needs.



We are local in the Bay Area & will always help you find your way around and even meet with you when necessary.