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Google Headquarter Silicon Valley

Corporate Program

Master industry-expertise with our interactive Silicon Valley Experience.

Explore Silicon Valley

Daily Activities

24/7 Local Support


Program Duration

1 - 3 weeks, available all year 

Location - San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area

Participant Information

18+ years

More - Inquiry based



Widen your horizon with a program that entirely adapts to your individual industry and requests.

Along with the accommodation of your choice, this program is filled with daily activities that adapt to your individual industry and expectations. The goal is to give unique insights into new trends, to network and to gain in-depth knowledge about your industry through interactive activities. With this program you have our team behind you, which always goes the extra mile in creating the perfect experience for you and your colleagues or friends. The program can be combined with Business English at our top-notch English school and offers 24/7 support of our team.

Education (optional)

The program can be accompanied by daily English classes.

International Students at California ESL School
Business English

Levels: Beginner - Advanced

Location: San Francisco

Combining your Corporate Program with Business English courses is especially helpful because it gives you new expressions and language skills, which you can then apply and strengthen during our activities together. Please inquire with us for more information about this option.


All Accommodations are personally visited and approved before your arrival.

California Homestay international students

Location: San Francisco Peninsula

Meals: Half Board with weekend lunches

Transportation: Included - to & from all destinations

Living with a host family is a unique experience, because it involves you in the day-to-day ongoings within a traditional American family. Simultaneously it gives you more opportunity to apply your English with your family - all in the comforts of a warm home in a safe neighborhood. We personally drive you to all our destinations and bring you back home afterwards.

Hotel Accommodation Study Group
Extended Stay Hotel 

Location: San Francisco

Amenities: Breakfast, kitchen (in-room), TV, laundry, free Wi-Fi

Room Type: Shared room (Private room for extra fee)

Transportation: Included - to & from all destinations

For a more independent experience, we recommend the Extended Stay Hotel. This hotel type is perfect for business and long-term travelers, which is why it provides a fully-equipped kitchen. We personally drive you to all our destinations and bring you back home afterwards.


Tell us what you are looking for and we’ll organize the right activities for your group.

Silicon Valley Exploration

Types of Activities: Sightseeing, networking sessions, guided company tours, leisure activities (e.g. Napa wine tasting, shopping), lectures, museum visits, entrepreneur discussions, Q&A sessions, hands-on technology try-outs and more

What makes our activities unique is that we organize them ourselves. This allows us to personally visit all destinations, meet with the providers and companies beforehand and arrange everything to perfectly fit your needs. Moreover, we have been organizing and hosting activities in the Bay Area for 5 years on a regular basis. With your Silicon Valley Exploration package you will get unique insights into brand-new inventions, strategies for success and the latest trends - all from local experts who have made the Silicon Valley such an iconic place.

Other Information

How to join

1. Submit your information

2. Receive a sample program

3. Discuss and finalize the program together with our staff

4. Receive invoice & submit payment 

5. Arrange visas and flight tickets

6. Prepare and come to the USA


Throughout the entire program our staff is always available to help you and your group with any needs. We personally drive you to your activities, oversee them and take you back to your accommodation afterwards.


The only requirement is a high level of independence.

Airfare & Visa

This program does not require a student visa. An ESTA or B2 visitor visa will suffice. We are happy to help you with the visa obtainment process and the purchase of your flight tickets.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is provided through our partner, “International Student Insurance”. If you have any questions about the insurance, please contact us. Important: Upon request the health insurance can be adapted to your or your child’s individual needs (for an extra fee).

The San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area Map
A Unique Place

What makes the Bay Area absolutely unique its diversity in inventions, lifestyles, events and most importantly cultures. It is the type of place where you can't walk down the street without hearing another language, making it easy to meet people from other countries and not only broaden your horizons but make friends from around the world. This diversity has allowed the Bay Area to be just as open-minded and forward-thinking in their world views as they are in their achievements in business and technology. This is why you will get to see all the newest inventions, trends and movements right here first. They Bay Area is a place where no idea is too crazy and no person too foreign - coming here will feel like coming home. 

Things To Do And See

The Bay Area is a truly unique place. Despite its high population, it has a suburban feel to it, no matter where you are, which is mostly due to the many plazas, shops, parks and natural habitats found all over. The warm & comfortable temperatures all year and an easy-to-use public transportation system make exploring the Bay Area a real joy. It’s widely known for its cultural diversity, world-famous sights and of course the Silicon Valley, where companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Tesla and countless are headquartered. There are a lot of great things to do and see here, including: 

  • Exploring its many and diverse restaurants (There are more than 3,500 restaurants open in San Francisco alone)

  • Pursuing physical activities on your own or in one of the many public clubs (such as hiking, swimming, riding a bike, yoga and countless more) in beautiful parks, sports facilities and even downtowns

  • Exploring its countless beautiful sights (e.g. the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Treasure Island, Fisherman’s Wharf, Lake Merritt, Half Moon Bay, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Napa and the many world-renowned companies like Google, Apple and many more)

  • Enjoying the Bay Area like a local with its many “Hidden Gems” - charming, quaint restaurants, parks, coffee shops, drum circles and other local highlights, that all represent different stories & cultures and are by far the best way to explore the Bay Area’s real lifestyle

  • Taking trips to farther away destinations, like Santa Cruz, the 17 Mile Drive, Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, Napa and Los Angeles. We’re happy to help you rent a car or simply drive you there ourselves depending on the program.

The Future is Now

The Silicon Valley is home to the largest technology corporations in the U.S. It was first given its name because of the many silicon chip creators and manufacturers there. However, nowadays the Silicon Valley represents so much more than just chip manufacturers. To give you an idea of the level of innovation, consider that out of all patents that have been registered in California in 2017, over 50% came from the Silicon Valley (only about 7% of California’s population live in the Silicon Valley). With all its startup accelerators, networking opportunities, talented people and most importantly: openness for new ideas and concepts, the Silicon Valley is a great place for anybody interested to grow or start their own company, make new contacts and learn about current and future trends in several industries.


Not what you're looking for?

Skype Logo.png

Questions? Concerns? Requests? Just want to get to know us? Let's meet on Skype (or FaceTime) when you are free. Just send us a short message with your Skype (or FaceTime) account  information via our contact page. We're looking forward to meeting you!

Join the Program

This program is inquiry-based.

Please tell us more about your group & travel plans and we create an entirely individual program just for you. Together with you, we will then adapt this program to your needs, finalize it and send you all materials.

Typical program inclusions:
  • Accommodation in Extended Stay Hotel or Host Family

  • Daily Activities (business & leisure)

  • Transportation to & from all destinations

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off

  • Hotel Breakfast (or Half Board in Host Families)

  • Health Insurance

  • Business English course (optional)

  • Local team present during activities and available at all times 

  • Local team helps with any other local services (such as finding a doctor when necessary, planning independent activities etc.)

Other fees:
  • Airfare 

  • Visa Fees

  • Money for shopping & meals

  • International transfer fee ($45 once)

Program fees include taxes.

Get A Free Quote

3 Good Reasons... join this program

1. The entire program will be constructed based on your individual requests.


2. You will enjoy our constant support before and during the program with any questions or requests.


3. We arrange all local expenses, services and plans before you even arrive.

The entire program is organized, hosted and overseen by the Universal Studies team.

Prices and Inclusions last updated 6/25/19.

Universal Studies is a member of the International Education Consultants Association (IECA).

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